A List of Interesting "Ideas" for new Decentralized Applications

Do you have an interesting idea for a new decentralized application? Want to get feedback from the community or ask for help from designers, developers and builders to help bring the idea to life?

Share your idea here to help validate any initial assumptions by using the Wisdom of the Crowds to help test, refine and explore a new and interesting idea.

I’ll start.

My latest idea for a new Ethereum protocol is Open Finance Safe Zones.

Article: https://medium.com/horizin/open-finance-safe-zones-1fb8036f9518

I think Open Finance Safe Zones will be important, because as we saw with the introduction of Flash Loans, introducing a new protocol into an Open Finance Ecosystem can have unintended, and unforeseen consequences.

Smart contract composability has many benefits. And also many downfalls.

By allowing Open Finance protocols to self select what “financial instrument networks” they want to participate in, it should be possible to limit the unintended consequences of introducing new Open Finance Protocols on the Ethereum blockchain.

In short if you want your Open Finance Protocol to only interact with other audited and formally verified smart contracts you can manage these interactions using on-chain governance of a decentralized public key infrastructure.

Vitalik’s recent tweet summarizes the point nicely in my opinion.