A UserResearchDAO to Validate Ethereum Products


A majority of the Ethereum ecosystem for some reason appears to have an aversion to User Research. Often times teams spend a lot of time and energy building products and protocols without first validating an original set of hypothesis or checking if users require those features right now.

User Research can help Ethereum products gain traction with a larger audience.

User Story

As a Developer in the Ethereum ecosystem I want betters systems for validating a product hypothesis. It takes a lot of effort to build an original product hypothesis and… also conduct the user research required to successfully bring the product idea to market. As a Developer I want to easily hand-off the product idea to capable Design Systems thinking teams to test and validate a product hypothesis.

Use Case Hypothesis

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization with the sole purpose of validating product ideas could help the Ethereum ecosystem build better products for “everyday” users.

Next Steps for Minimal Viable Product

  • Setup a Feedback Form to gauge interest for UserResearchDAO

Technical Requirements

  • Google Form or Typeform
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