Creating Web Dapp to Buy Gastoken

  • Abstract
    I would like to turn this into a easier to use dapp ( ) for users to buy gas tokens to use during high fee periods.

  • User Story
    As a user of decentralized games built on top of Ethereum, playing games on ethereum can get expensive can be time consuming and would love to find easier and faster ways to better the process of playing games! This will be a huge boost for the ethereum gaming industry. My experience playing 0xuniverse and other games: minimum cost 11 cents , but when high fees up to $1 even more sometimes.Creating this platform will help both investors and gamers save time executing during important or impatient times.

  • Use Case Hypothesis
    Playing Ethereum games that are online, that takes onchain action everytime can be costly. Decentralized exchanges can benefit with this feature. Now the network can be freed from transaction getting clogged, failed or delay 4 hour transactions during high fee times, also users wont need to check the gas price for cheapest period to send funds. Send spare gastoken to friends or connect gas to other wallets to send payments.

  • Next Steps for Minimal Viable Product
    A Virtual Merchant Shop should be in place to buy, sell & stake Gastoken for each platform economy, a pool would be a good idea to run to help sustain the growth and traffic during high transaction times. Placing Virtual Merchant Shops will take work load off game developers and build a reliable trustworthy network. Merchants can buy and sell GasToken; get rewards to staking gas into pools daily or weekly, creating a robust ecosystem. Long-term growth on micro transactions and real world companies can benefit with this feature. Imagine buying and selling game items and game plots items off GasToken, one transaction ; which normally on the ethereum network could cost 6 cents on a good day to $1, in fees just to send a payment.

  • Technical Requirements
    Converting Eth to eth gas and back. Paid to Staking or collect interest for holding Gas. Usable on mulitple mobile wallets to onboard users.

Thanks for posting this @Ortier. It’s a really great start.

For the the User Story story section would you mind updating it so it starts from the perspective of the user experiencing the current challenge that GasTokens fix?

Example: “As a user of decentralized games built on top of Ethereum…”

I really should have switched the order of Next Steps for Minimal Viable Product and Technical Requirements, because first have to define the MVP before list the technical requirements.

In the Next Steps for Minimal Viable Product do you think you could spend a little more time mapping what an actual product could look like? For example, is it a service that allows production ready applications to purchase gasTokens for their application or could it be a DAO for dApp games developers to collectively use a shared pool of gasTokens in their network of games?

Or maybe the minimal viable product is just a UI to better understand when it’s an optimal time to buy gas tokens and when to spend them.

I’ll you decide, but the idea should be very specific about use case. Also you might have to adjust the user story if it’s actually decentralized application developer buying the gas tokens.

Thanks again for jumping on this so quickly! Excited to see the final result.

Thanks for notifying me of updates in a Twitter DM.

Can you write a little more about the mechanics of the DAO? It’s unclear how users are rewarded for staking gasTokens. Would love you hear more of your thoughts on…

Participants can get rewards to staking gas into pools daily or weekly, creating a robust ecosystem to help. Participants can exchange their rewards to send transactions, claim 5 transactions by staking gas for 15 hours or 3 days.

Is that going to be included in the minimal viable product?

What do you think is the best, most simple MVP that can be built to add meaningful value in game developer using Ethereum. For example could or have a better user experience because of GasToken?

What about making a virtual shop to sell GasTokens for online merchants, so they can reduce overhead costs when selling digital art and small plots of land?

Once we get a more defined application idea I can help you map out technical requirements too.

Could have a digital gas shop in Decentraland. Might be a huge hit :slight_smile:

yes i like the shop idea ! i have a land on cryptovoxel we can do it on and also bought land on Sandbox

How can I find your land on cryptovoxels?

I’ll help scope out the technical requirements tomorrow if you’re happy with this idea direction?

@Ortier What do you think the technical requirements for building a “Gas Station” in cryptovoxels is?

hey brother sorry for late reply , here is the link to my land, i talked to a designer and going to get it designed more cooler!

Hanging out on your plot now! What’s the best address to send you the 5 DAI? Really appreciate all the work you have put in this far. And the also the deeper research into gas tokens.

Hopefully we can continue working on this idea?

Thank you so much Kames ! Yes i will be researching and asking more devs for help =D

You can send to Ortier.eth ! Thanks again sir, will keep chatting on twitter

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