Crypto Over Lunch

Here’s an overview of a project either dubbed/hosted at Luncheon.eth or Lunch.Technology

We’ll hit 1M devs if we onboard 1M users in 2020. Let’s do this.

Grab lunch. Talk tech. Get crypto.

Basic overview

  • Meetup dApp connecting anyone in tech, especially the crypto curious with natives for lunch
  • Push to to swap cash for crypto by one party picking up the tab in fiat.
  • Get a proof-of-attendance token for meeting for lunch
  • V2 explore composable ERC-988 NFTs with rDAI embedded lunch token

Paying for lunch

  • Go Dutch - Classic Split the bill in person at the restaurant in cash/credit.
  • Go Dutch - Crypto One party pays the whole bill in cash/credit and receives other half from your lunchmate in crypto. (ETH or DAI)

Signing up

  • Share your location/plugin zip code to see if there are others in area within X miles.
  • Write 150 characters of “why I’m game for lunch.”
  • Select “stuff I know” and “stuff I’m curious about” or write in answer(s)
  • Get matched with a lunch mate and work out meetup details via email, text, Telegram

Ideal outcomes:

  • People get to know one another and form meaningful relationships!
  • People learn about crypto and myths/misconceptions are dispelled
  • People learn how to teach about crypto by doing it
  • People learn about the softer side of crypto via NFTs
  • People setup wallets, claim ENS handles and learn how to backup their keys
  • People learn about DeFi

For Phase II:

  • Create $LUNCH token = lockup rDAI into compound with interest going to Hunger Task Force
  • Utilize Kickback to incent people to attend via a stake slashing mechanism for no-shows
  • Build out site to have a more robust means of matching and scheduling

This is awesome! I would totally use this to book meetups for both “stuff I know” and “stuff I’m curious about.” A great way to trick me into having a social life irl that’s still crypto related. :rofl: