Digital Fashion NFT + Gaming project, just launched

Hey guys!

It is Emma here from DIGITALAX. We are a new project, just announced our launch a few days ago at a conference we hosted with speakers from Epic Games, OpenSea, Enjin, $MEME and more! Check out the full recording here:

We are focused across digital fashion, NFTs and gaming and are launching the first digital-only fashion NFT auction platform and digital fashion tool stack on Ethereum. We work with over 30 digital fashion designers globally. We are doing some cool things around NFT synthetic contracts and pegging real world elements like gold, diamonds into the fashion garments themselves for new pricing frameworks for virtual goods.

You can read more here:

We are looking to expand our team and bring on board full time Solidity devs to join us. I know that you guys are all extremely busy right now but if you have any interest in hearing more please reach me at or TG @emmajane13