Introduce Yourself to the Community

Hello 1MillionDevs Community - let’s get this party started!

I am Kames Geraghty you can tweet me at @kamescg

Currently working at ConsenSys doing Developer Relations. Before I was DevRel’ing (starting early February) I was on an internal ConsenSys team (RAPID) focused on experimenting with Web3 technology and handling special Joe Lubin requests. Before that… I was part of the uPort (decentralized identity) team exploring the verifiable credentials specification and application use cases.

I get excited about all things Ethereum!

Looking forward to connecting with everyone in the growing 1MillionDevs community.


Hi I’m Stev from excited to participate in the forum with fellow EthereumStack devs and build a decentralized future! We got a bunch of blockchain agnostic and EVM-agnostic tools to help on any EthereumStack based project.


Hey 1MD Community!

I’m Billy, Wizard @ ConsenSys.

A little bit about myself:
I have a degree in Systems Engineering and began my career as a technology consultant for the financial services industry @ E&Y. I began my foray into the crypto space as a small-time GPU miner in 2012, and later became involved w/ Ethereum in March 2014. I’ve been obsessed ever since. Since that obsession, I helped start the blockchain consulting practice at E&Y, and was their tech lead for a while. I later joined ConsenSys, where I currently reside and have held numerous roles: Enterprise Lead for uPort, Solutions Architect & Bay Area Director for our Solutions practice, Co-Chair of the EEA Digital Identity Working Group, and Founder of RAPID.

Along with Kames & others, I’m now helping to spearhead our new Developer Relations function and the 1 Million Devs initiative, and am really looking forward to meeting and working with you all!



My name is Robbie, and I’m part of DevRel at Consensys!

I hail from Chicago, lived for a bit in Seattle, and now reside in Portland. I majored in Philosophy and Organic Chemistry ( I know….strange combo) and actually ended up applying that science background in coffee. I’ve competed from a regional, national, and global level with the SCAA.

I’ve always had an interested in tech, particularly blockchain use cases when I first discovered it around 2012. After completion of a coding bootcamp (focusing on front end development / UX design) I started exploring web3 tutorials / documentation I found online and fell in love.

Since then, I’ve completed courses revolving around blockchain use-cases, offerings through Consensys Academy, and managed to get my PSM1 cert to better understand team formations and principles utilizing Agile.

Excited to connect with this community and build something together!


Hi 1MillionDevs :wave:

I am the Community Manager at OpenZeppelin.

OpenZeppelin tools have been built with security in mind. Since the first release of the Contracts library in 2016, our libraries have been downloaded over 1.5 million times to create tokens, protect digital assets, and power decentralized applications, securing more than $4.5 billion. We also work with top Ethereum projects through our security audits service.

A great place to start learning smart contract development is the OpenZeppelin Learn guides

If you have questions on smart contract development, including using OpenZeppelin you can also ask in the OpenZeppelin Community Forum

I went down the rabbit hole in April 2017.

You can find me as @abcoathup on Community Forum, Peepeth and Twitter


Hey 1MD!

My name is Felipe and I went through the Rabbit Hole Aug. 2018 when a friend that worked for DAOstack explained to me what DAOs were. I am a community organiser, activist and artist and was running a social innovation consultancy and design studio that had already tried decentralised coordination strategies. Once I understood what was going on, the full potential of the technology shone clear as day to me. I don’t think we are quite there yet (and I’m no Dev), but I have the potential to become a potent Experience Architect for the Eth Ecosystem. I also dream of a world that can be shaped and enjoyed by many rather than few and I fully support Kames and Billy’s vision on how to do it. I am particularly interested in meta coordination via narrative strategies.

So far I’ve kick started the DAOfest movement, Launched the FestDAO, designed the DAO Design Canvas and organised a book on decentralized governance called Decentralized Thriving - Currently working for DAOstack and starting to set my sights towards DeFI :eyes:! And always actively looking for a way to add art to my job or to do my job Artfully!

You can find me @elementarycomplexity (Tg, Signal, Insta) and @duartedao on twitter!


Hi I’m pantsme and I haven’t done anything special! I am coming from the infrastructure side as my career and learning development currently. Here is a useful list of all my Ethereum based bookmarks that I currently have that may be useful to someone. Feel free to add some to the list if you want.


Hi everyone!

My name is Luis and I made a pledge to be one of the one million devs when I first heard about the announcement in the fall of 2018. I’ve been actively following the crypto market/industry since I first heard about Bitcoin during the 2017 bull run. But it wasn’t until 2018 that I decided to go all in and help buidl the potential future crypto promises.

I’ve been recording my coding journey on the OpenZeppelin forum and on my Twitter. I’ve also been building a personal site to display some of my projects and past articles. As well as practice some front-end programming. I’m currently adding more projects and articles I have saved locally but haven’t deployed or published yet.

I’m rather obsessed with crypto. The potential of this technology and the current opportunities in the industry literally keep me up at night. But weirdly, I’m not tired the next day because being a part of this industry energizes me more than any other work or community ever has before. I’m so grateful that I happened across that first fb post that started me down this rabbit hole in 2017. I only wish I had learned about this industry sooner so I could’ve started this journey earlier.