PunchCard.eth - An "NFT Forward" Burner Wallet


To the layman, to lose your “wallet” would be a great loss, but a “punch card” on the other hand: easy come easy go. Less friction.

PunchCard.eth aims to re-position the “wallet” via a burner wallet application as a low-stakes “rewards and offers” tool to onboard main street folks to crypto. “Would you like to start a digital punchcard?” The merchant might ask at point-of-sale.

PunchCard would be an “NFT forward” wallet as far as the interface goes, well positioned for POAP attendance tokens, tokens for free samples and discounts, loyalty points as NFTs (more likely in ETH 2.0), tickets to special events, etc.

Ideally, PunchCard would employ an Optimistic Rollup perhaps the Fuel Labs zkRollup and perhaps incorporate plugins from Burner Factory to build the MVP quickly.

I would contribute interface wireframes, domain name, make inroads with merchants to try the product and create content on their behalf to seed the platform.

The wallet would intelligently employ a few “notifications as education” to help onramp to crypto and would likely partner with 1 - 2 fully fledged wallets to “convert” them into users of their application.

Again, less is more by focusing in on NFTs. We could onboard users without them really even realizing it’s a crypto application. To get to 1M devs we need 1M new users! Let’s BUIDL an MVP!