Update about category posts

@wluedtke can you update the about XYZ category posts? For example:

@abcoathup yes thank you for surfacing that! lots of competing priorities today but I’ll take care of it later tonight!

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I’d suggest not creating too many categories, to avoid lots of empty rooms.

It is easier to add categories than remove them.

great point @abcoathup - do you think we should get rid of any of the ones we have now? or is this a good start? i don’t think we were planning on adding many more

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Hi @wluedtke,

I think there are too many categories right now.

#community, #general-discussion, #projects, #ideas could all be merged into a general category and then if there are enough topics, moved into a sub-category when needed (or use tags to differentiate).

#specializations sub categories have the potential to be empty rooms. So could wait until there are topics to put in them, though we need designers, educators and researchers just as much as we need developers, so might be better to keep to encourage more than developers. I am less keen on dungeon, tavern, edifice and recluse, but that is just personal preference.

I think these are fair points, but ultimately there is a reason for having multiple categories like #ideas and #projects.

We are launching several initiatives in the coming weeks that focus specifically around these theses high-level categories, and for me personally, it’s important to create a space specifically for these initiatives. A method to madness… I promise! Maybe :wink:

I do think we should limit the amount of categories moving forward though.

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Glad there is method. Planned initiatives sound good too.

I like using tags to group together.