What Is The Best Term for "Digital Currency Financial Instruments"?

I just created a poll on Twitter asking… When describing “digital currencies that can be used in Internet native financial instruments” what do you think is the best term to capture the “spirit” of what we are building?


  1. Open Finance Protocols
  2. Decentralized Finance
  3. Money Lego Bricks/Blocks
  4. Other

As Ethereum’s starts to get more adoption and mainstream recognition it feels important to create shared language and understandings about what we are building.

What do you think is the best way to describe Internet native financial instruments for digital currencies and specifically in relation to Ethereum?

:white_check_mark:I personally voted for Open Finance Protocols.

In my opinion the term is descriptive enough for the general user, plus it invites others (developers, team, and enterprises) to make contributions, because of the “openness” of the underlying systems. And it’s generic enough that it can continue evolve over time and capture the new technologies and protocols that get built into Ethereum.

Plus… it doesn’t include the term “decentralized” in the name :sweat_smile:

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I like Open Finance (could even skip the Protocols).
Lego is a trademark, so we should avoid using it as a term, so perhaps: money building blocks.

As an aside, we can create polls in the forum too.

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I’m also down with Open Finance. I think that over time DeFi will continue to dominate but when you say the lengthy version, it’s Open Finance, or more colloquially referred to as DeFi. “What’s DeFi?” Oh silly it’s decentralized finance. We thought “Decentralized” was a good word… a long long time ago. :slight_smile:

Keep it simple.

Open Finance because it’s open access to anyone with a wallet like Metamask or Argent to gain access to really awesome financial opportunities, once gated before the advent of Ethereum, that are now peer-to-peer and nearly zero fees.

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