What Is Your "Latest Experiment" and Why Does it Excite You?

The Ethereum ecosystem is constantly evolving. New ideas and experiments are constantly emerging. It would be great to keep track of all the interesting experiments and micro-projects that everyone is working on.

What idea or experiment are you excited about?

I’ll start. At EthWaterloo I prototyped Neya - A Bank & Job Board for Ethereum Developers

GitHub: https://github.com/kamescg/neya
Demo: https://neya.netlify.com

The prototype was an attempt to mockup what a Job/Bounty Board + Decentralized Bank for Developers might look like.

The experiment excites me because it feels like a natural evolution of platforms like Gitcoin and Bounties Network, to eventually integrate with Decentralized Finance protocols. Once Developers earn ETH/DAI (or other digital currency) for completing bounties, it makes a lot of sense (from a user experience perspective) to allow them to easily invest that money to earn interest or donate a small amount of their earnings into a decentralized autonomous organization of their choosing.